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We are excited to welcome Climax Molybdenum, the official sponsor of Keystone Festival’s volunteers!

It takes a village (literally) to put on summer festivals, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our volunteers! Keystone Festivals is excited to announce a new partnership with Climax Molybdenum for this summer’s volunteer program. Climax

Molybdenum Company is a leading producer of Molybdenum worldwide and is located less than 30 miles from Keystone along Fremont Pass. With over 800 local employees and an operational footprint that spans over six Colorado counties including Lake, Summit, Eagle, Chaffee, Grand and Clear Creek, Climax’s proximity and commitment to the local community make for a natural partnership. Keystone Festivals volunteers are stronger together with Climax Molybdenum.

It is a critical component to enhancing the safety of all different types of transportation, construction, and agricultural needs. It is an essential component in clean energy technology including solar panels and wind turbines. Most notably, Molybdenum is a naturally occurring metal that is used in many different industries, most notably as a strengthening agent in mixtures of other metals. With Climax Molybdenum as a new event partner, our volunteers are stronger than ever!

Be sure to stop by their booth at summer festivals to learn more about their two operating mines, Climax and Henderson, and test your mining and environmental knowledge for a chance to win prizes!

For more information on our volunteer opportunities, click here.