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Warren Station Hosts The Ultimate 80’s Party Starring “6 Million Dollar Band”


Warren Station Hosts The Ultimate 80’s Party Starring “6 Million Dollar Band”

Keystone, CO. – March 10, 2016:  Dare to relive the greatest decade ever!  Let’s face it.  Some music will never get old, and neither will the styles.  Warren Station hosts THE Ultimate 80’s Party starring one of the most popular era cover bands to date; the, “6 Million Dollar Band”.  This Spring Break, rock your air guitars and sport your like, totally righteous 80’s threads for rad music and awesome, retro prizes including lift tickets!  Pegged blue jeans, jelly bracelets, headbands and new wave ski apparel are welcome.  The ballroom will be a mega dance celebration filled with mullets, (we hope), big hair and neon.  So, don’t be shy. The brighter the better! Doors open at 8:30pm with music at 9:00pm.

Though 80’s fashions are optional, anticipation is already building around the totally amped and hip outfits that may show up in the venue.  Whether you have actually experienced the 80’s or are discovering the decade for the first time, you will like, have the time of your life!  Don’t miss your chance to help bring “back in the day” to the present.  All of the cool people will be doing it!  Go to and purchase your ultimate party pass for just $8.00 per person while tickets last. Prices will increase to $12.00 per person at the door.  And, for the especially sentimental guests; capture your cheesy, crazy 80’s moments with free pics in the Epic Mix photo booth.  Vintage rules!

The Six Million Dollar Band (6MDB to their fans) delivers high-energy 80’s New Wave music using a combination of new and old technology. Five keyboards complement the guitar, drum and bass rhythm section, producing the classic sounds 80’s fans love to hear. Vintage 80’s synths deliver album-perfect sound. Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and more are recreated faithfully and performed with the same energy as the original acts.

The members of 6MDB bring well-seasoned skills, each having played professionally for nearly two decades. Blazing guitar solos, four part vocal harmonies, and genuine enthusiasm for the music complement the already unbeatable sound that the band delivers. Thanks to their professionalism both on and off the stage, 6MDB has quickly become an in-demand act for large venues and private events alike.

See them live and discover why their audience describes them as “The ultimate 80’s experience!”


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