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Keystone’s BIG DECEMBER CONCERT not to miss is The Main Squeeze, live at Warren Station on Friday, December 15th!

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, this 5-piece band has built a cult following throughout the years. The Main Squeeze has hit the road with String Cheese Incident, Umphrey’s McGee, played at Bonnaroo, Electric Forest and more! These cool cats know how to drop the beats and get the crowd groovin’.


In case you’re not as familiar with The Main Squeeze as you should be, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite live songs for every mood to give you a sneak preview of the passion project that is The Main Squeeze. You’re sure to have these live jams on repeat for the next month until they perform live in concert at Warren Station in Keystone!

The Main Squeeze - Go to Work!

2. Go to Work – moods: celebratory, motivated, excited, dedicated

Ironically, this song is best played at quitting time OR just when the party is getting started. A sly song with a funky baseline that creeps up on you until your hips are grooving, Go to Work is also an inspirational anthem that might grind you through that next workout or long ski run. This is the song to play when you need to get yourself up and moving, whether at work or on the slopes.

The Main Squeeze - Purple Flowers

3. Purple Flowers – moods: nostalgic, longing, in love, loving life

This is one of those songs that will have you feeling every feeling and thinking every thought. Listen to Purple Flowers when you’re thinking of the one that got away, the one that almost got away, or the one you would never let get away. <3 You’ll want to grab your boo or your bff for the perfect slow dance if you’re lucky enough to see this one live.

The Main Squeeze - Dr. Funk

4. Dr Funk – moods: energized, ecstatic, groovy, confident

A Squeeze classic, Dr Funk is the epitome of The Main Squeeze’s soulful groove for which they’re known. When you’re missing something that you just can’t put your finger on, what you need is a visit to Dr Funk to set your attitude right. One of those feel-good songs that you just can’t help but let elevate your mood, this is the perfect live song for fans who love a saxophone solo just as much as a good bassline.

The Main Squeeze - Grape Jelly

5. Grape Jelly – moods: content, thoughtful, cozy, optimistic

Grape Jelly is, simply put, the perfect chill beat to vibe and relax to. Picture this: you’re sipping coffee and doing the crossword on a lazy Sunday morning (which happens to be another Main Squeeze song). You’re curled up reading a book on a rainy day. You’re taking a stroll on a sunny afternoon. Life is good when you’re vibing to Grape Jelly.

The Main Squeeze - BONUS - Dazed and Confused

BONUS: Dazed and Confused moods: dazed, confused

If you’re feeling dazed and confused by the rest of this blog, start here! This cover of the Led Zeppelin classic is a great intro for newer Squeeze fans to be blown away with palpable talent through a song you already know and love. Imagine the perfect guitar tone of Jimmy Page but with soulful American vocals. (Hint: listen to the end for a tease of another Zeppelin classic.)

It you made it to the bottom of this list, congratulations, you’re an official member of The Squeeze Family, which means you’re going to have night of a lifetime with us and The Main Squeeze at Warren Station. Make sure to grab your tickets in advance so you don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see The Main Squeeze in the High Country on Friday, December 15th at Keystone Resort