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Brewery Spot with Baker's Brewery


Keystone Bluegrass and Beer Festival has over 40+ breweries on August 3rd and 4th. Check out our local brewery spot, The Bakers’ Brewery

Baker's Brewery in Silverthorne, ColoradoBakers’ Brewery in Silverthorne, CO!

We are a bakery and brewpub featuring homemade breads with awesome, creative sandwich combinations melted between slices of these delicious breads. These sammies are served with hearty side dish options as well as homemade soups and freshly chopped salads.  The Bakers’ Brewery beers feature a balanced selection of supremely drinkable session beers designed for those just adventuring into the microbrew scene for the first time. The Bakers’ offers a hearty rotation of bold masterpieces for the experienced beer drinker and an incredible selection of guest beer taps.  As if the wonderful aromas weren’t enough, the Bakers’ Brewery views and live music will keep you  for another round and coming back for more!  CHEERS! SKOL! PROST! SALUT! NOSTRAVIA!

Meet the Brewer: Cory 

Way back in the early 90s, Cory was one of those weird 21 year olds whose go to question at any bar he entered was, “what’s the darkest beer you have”?  Often receiving a disappointing answer in thesmall town bars of central MN farm land accompanied by a confused shrug and something like, “Heineken”?  Cory discovered homebrew in the fields around Deer Creek IL during a Grateful Dead concert and couldn’t wait for more. While the big brands were experimenting with ‘Dry,’ ‘Ice,’ and eventually ‘Ultra’, Cory was pounding Summit EPA. He’d sip on warm Guinness or Great Northern Porters, when he wasn’t pouring the 2 together as a ‘black n’ tan.’

A picture of Cory the owner of Bakers' Brewery in Silverthorne, Colorado

The Return to Summit County

Cory returned to Summit County after a year and a half of wandering the wilderness of California. Once back, the owner of Bakers’ Brewery found a bunch of friends working for a brand new place called Dillon DAM Brewery.  His work ethic moved him swiftly up the ranks and his taste buds earned him compliments from guests and the brewmaster on his continued experimentation of ‘Black n’ Tans.’ Then one day while walking in to work the brew master walked out, stopped and pointed at him and said, “You.  You could be a brewmaster.  Ever thought about being a brewmaster?”

Six years later he had earned an upgrade and went from assistant to writing his own recipes at a brewpub up the road in Keystone who had recently rebranded as Wolf Rock.  For 2 years he was a one man show at this new brewpub handling all orders, deliveries, brewing and maintenance. One  day, his old teacher Matt suffered a brain aneurysm and passed away. The DAM Brewery was shocked. But the move back to the DAM made too much sense for all involved; more production, more responsibility and more pay while paying honor and homage to his friend and mentor.

Bakers’ Brewery is Born 

Another 6 years ran on by with Cory and the DAM winning many medals, all the while simmering on some old recipes and looking for the right location to open up a place of his own. A good friend in college had been a Baker, and so he had restaurant ideas from those college days involving creative sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Late one night the inspiration struck; of course it would be a brewery, and The Bakers’ Brewery was born!! Check out the Bakers’ Brewery and 40+ of their friends at this year’s Keystone Bluegrass and Beer Festival August 3 – 4 and be sure to say HI to Cory!