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Express Your Love for Bacon at Keystone’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour June 25 – 26, 2016!

bacon 1Talk about bacon all the time. How much you love it. How much you eat it. How much you want to eat it. You’ll be the hit of the party every time. Ignore the eye rolls from friends, significant others and co-workers. They just don’t get it, right?

bacon 2Tweet about bacon. All the time. Make sure you use #bacon hashtags like #ilovebacon #iliveforbacon #baconforlife #nomnom #sizzle (#keystonebacon)


bacon 3Take photos every time you make it, see it, eat it, see someone else eat it. Then post those pics everywhere – on Facebook, instagram. Send snaps.


bacon 4Add bacon to everything … and we mean everything. Ice cream, cookies, spinach, popcorn, coffee, vodka… Because, why not? Bacon makes everything taste better.


Bacon 5Call yourself a “pork dork” or get a bumper sticker that says, “I dig pig” or “bacon 4 ever.”


bacon 6Dress like a piece of bacon or a pig any chance you get. Your spouse, significant other and/or kids might discourage this, but hey … they don’t get it, right?


Bacon 7Create an ode to bacon. This could be a song, a poem, a haiku or a whole feature-film about bacon. Just bacon.


bacon 8Decorate your house with a sizzling bacon theme. Imagine bacon towels, bacon sheets, a bacon sofa, bacon rugs, bacon air fresheners, and bacon-scented candles …


bacon 9Enter every bacon-for-life contest. Forget about the Powerball or winning a brand-new car, imagine free bacon for life. Now that’s #winning.


bacon 10Plan your vacation and life around bacon festivals and events like the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour at Keystone June 25-26. Imagine: eating bacon nonstop for two days in the Colorado Rockies with free music, surrounded by people who “get you” and love bacon as much as you. Life doesn’t get much better.

To help celebrate your love for bacon, Keystone Neighbourhood Company has planned a festival just for you and for thousands of bacon-lovers just like you. Mark your calendar for June 25-26 in Keystone’s River Run village. There will be bacon tastings, bacon s’mores, bacon ice cream, bacon drinks, people dressed up like bacon, songs about bacon, a Bacon Education Center, a bacon eating contest, a bacon selfie contest (#keystonebacon) and 3,000 lbs. of bacon.