Why choose River Run and the new Warren Station at Keystone?

Nestled at the base of beautiful Keystone Mountain, the new Warren Station at Keystone offers a unique. romantic setting with a scenic backdrop for your wedding or corporate event.  Furthermore, the new Warren Station at Keystone and the Quaking Aspen Amphitheatre is the perfect combination for your ceremony and reception sites. 

The Sprung Structure, an engineered stress membrane structure, is the result of over three decades of research and development. The Sprung Structure is constructed of extruded aluminum arches, integrally connected to an all weather outer architectural membrane. This specialized architectural membrane is certified flame retardant. Sprung Structures are engineered to withstand high wind loads and by design shed snow. With over a century of experience, Sprung Instant Structures delivers the most reliable, versatile and technically advanced year-round structures available in the world. 

Why make your wedding a weekend event?

A wedding celebration is the most important memory in every couple's marriage. A wedding not only marks the time of union between two people, but also provides the opportunity for families and friends to bond and celebrate. A weekend event allows the bride and groom to spend time with their families and friends, enjoy shared activities, and make life-long memories. And most importantly, the bride and groom can make sure that they share important time together as they take this momentous step in their relationship. The Warren Station event coordinator will work with you and your wedding planner to ensure that your weekend is exciting and memorable. You and your family and friends can opt to stay in one of Keystone's luxury hotels or condos, dine in Keystone's top restaurants, play at one of Keystone's two premiere golf courses, and enjoy a variety of large and small group activities, including sporting, hiking, biking, rafting, and, of course, relaxing. Begin your weekend on a Friday night with the all-too-necessary wedding rehearsal followed by the rehearsal dinner at a resort restaurant. Spend the Saturday bonding with family and friends. Finally, allow the wedding ceremony and reception to be the culmination for your important weekend. Whether you want your wedding to be a lavish, weekend-long event or a quaint, afternoon celebration, the new Warren Station at Keystone will help you meet your needs.

The new Warren Station at Keystone provides you the opportunity to make your wedding the culminating event of a wonderful weekend.  Whether you are a local Summit Country resident or coming to the county specifically for your wedding, the Warren Station at Keystone and neighboring Keystone facilities, restaurants, lodging, and shops can assist in making your wedding weekend an exciting, romantic event.

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