Get Stoked Winter Film Series

Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 - 7PM Doors; 7:30PM Movie - Tickets are $5 at the door, children 12 and under FREE

Ready for the skiing and riding season to begin? Come out and get stoked for the season at the new Keystone Winter Film Series! Raffle prizes at each showing along with killer drink specials at the bar.

Friday, November 2

Absinth Film's presents: Resonance

It's true what they was a challenging winter for many. But the goods were out there, and they were found with a little extra hustle, and in some cases, with no hustle at all. Alaska, Japan, The Northwest, and finally Europe. After two years of nothing, the law of averages kicked in to give Europe it's due. The Absinthe crews tuned in to these frequencies to bring you Resonance.

Level 1 presents: Sunny

Sunny is a mental disposition, and not just one reserved for beaches and fun parks. Level 1 injected a positive mood into the ski season - giving a dose of light therapy to dark northern landscapes of Scandinavia, Alaska, Japan and British Columbia. So sit back and relax, put your shades on and soak up the rays- the future looks bright.

Saturday, November 3

Poor Boyz presents: WE a Collection of Individuals

WE A Collection of Individuals is a compelling story surrounding the life and times of the modern day skier. It has long been thought that skiing was an individual sport; however the story of WE proves that this idea is nothing more than a fallacy. Skiing is an art, a collaborative effort that takes the energy of many.  WE follows the season of the most influential skiers as they travel the world in search of epic powder lines, tackling the streets, and creative park features. Together this collection of individuals becomes WE.

Matchstick presents: Super Heroes of Stoke

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Matchsticks 1st ski film and they thought what better way to represent this huge milestone in MSP history then to make a film that relates where they have been to where they are now.  "Super Heroes of Stoke" honors the heroes who have made the sport of freeskiing what it is today and pays tribute to the heroes who gave their lives for what they loved.