Club Sizzle featuring “Better Than Bacon” - 4th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour

Saturday, June 21st, 2014 - Doors at 8:00pm; Music at 8:30pm - $5 Cover at the door

What can be better than bacon? Live music at Club Sizzle, with Better Than Bacon, the band! Visit Warren Station in River Run Village after your Saturday afternoon, meat candy romp for a real "Bacon Show" greased with sizzlin' rock, and a side of funk and rhythm.

Better Than Bacon runs the rock 'n' roll gauntlet with the free-for-all drive of Led Zeppelin, the variety and high-octane jamming of The Band and The Allman Brothers, and the songwriting refinement of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, all mashed together with the hip-swaying spirit of Motown and the Blues. With James Yearling as the "Seoul Brotha", Ty Manteleone as the "Bus Driver" and Mike DeSantis as the "Funk Fingers", Better Than Bacon keeps the groove fresh and the bacon-lovers, craving more.

$5 cover at the door.

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