Keystone Wine Seminars and Culinary Events

Saturday, July 15th 

Seminar Times and Descriptions:

Time: 12:30pm – Warren Station


Time: 3:00pm – Warren Station


Time: 4:00pm – Quaking Aspen Amphitheatre

Topic: “Cigar and Craft Distillers”

Tap into an ambiance of flavors as a cigar aficionado leads a discussion on production and styles.  Sample and experience the fillers, characteristics and blends of select cigars and spirits.

Sunday, July 16th

Seminar Times and Descriptions:

Time: 10:30am – Warren Station

Topic: “Prosecco & Pancakes”

Warren Station hosts a sparkling morning brunch for the nationally acclaimed Wine and Jazz festival. Begin your Sunday festival experience with delicious Prosecco cocktails featuring a unique mix of pancakes, toppings and classic breakfast sides.  An overview of the pairings will be given at 11:00am.  Attendees should be at least 21 years of age.

Time: 2:00pm – Warren Station